CBN Grade for Sintered Alloy and Cast Iron



Excellent Fracture Resistance and Stable Cutting Improves Productivity

FeatureIncreasing the CBN particle content and bonding strength makes it suitable for machining various sintered materials.


High Fracture Resistance

Fine CBN particles increase cutting edge toughness.
The high fracture resistance allows stable performance even during interrupted machining.

High Adhesion Strength of Fine CBN Particles

Optimization of the sintering conditions strengthens adhesion between fine CBN particles. This increases both fracture and wear resistance.

A Wide Range of Edge Preparation (Honing) are Available

The SF type offers a sharper cutting edge, leading to the reduction in cutting resistance and burr development and an increase in surface finishes. The SF type is the first recommendation but to increase cutting edge strength and chipping resistance there are also the SE, FS, GS and TS edge preparations.


Cutting Performance

Fracture Resistance Comparison During Interrupted Facing of High Strength Sintered Alloy

Increased fracture resistance even during heavy interrupted machining.


Application Examples


The above application examples are customer’s applications, so it can be different from the recommended conditions.

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