New Insert Grade Added to the AXD Cutter series

July 6, 2016

AXD end mills have been well accepted in the market place as a tool for high-speed, high efficiency machining. To satisfy increasing demand from customers for AXD to have the the capability to machine steels, MP6120, a PVD coated carbide grade for milling steels is now available. Additionally, MP9120, a PVD coated carbide grade for difficult-to-cut materials has been added to the large insert type AXD7000. These additions to the series means AXD is now available for use over a wider range of machining applications.

Features of MP6120, MP9120

1. Both grades utilise an accumulated Al-Ti-Cr-N based PVD coating with excellent wear, heat and welding resistance.

2. Multi-layering of the coating prevents any cracks penetrating through to the substrate and dramatically improves fracture resistance.

3. By adopting a “best layer for each workpiece” philosophy, MP9120 for machining difficult-to-cut materials delivers superior welding resistance and MP6120 for machining steels, provides superior resistance to thermal cracking.

Product name
PVD coated carbide grade for milling steels - MP6120
PVD coated carbide grade for milling difficult-to-cut materials - MP9120
Number of items MP6120 18 items
MP9120 8 items

Product Features

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