New ARP Series - Round Insert Cutter for Difficult-to-cut materials

May 27, 2016

ARP Series

The ARP series has the highest level of run-out accuracy among our indexable insert, screw-on type tools. This helps to increase tool life by spreading the cutting load evenly across all inserts. This accuracy is especially important when machining titanium and heat resistant alloys and stainless steels.
The ARP round insert cutter is suitable for roughing of turbine blades used in the aerospace and power generation industries.

Features of the ARP series

1. Highly accurate seating realizes minimal change of run-out accuracy when indexing the inserts compared to conventional tools. The axial run-out shows a 25 % improvement.

2. A wide seating face and 2 side location faces prevent inserts from moving during cutting.

Special rake face on each quadrant of the insert provides a smooth chip flow for low cutting resistance.

Chip breakers for various applications; M breaker for general use, R breaker is a strong cutting edge type and the L breaker is a sharp cutting edge type.

Newly developed inserts available in CVD coated carbide grade MC7020 for stainless steel prevents thermal cracking and chipping for improved stability.

Product name
ARP series - round insert cutters for difficult-to-cut materials
Number of items
Cutter body; 36 items, Insert; 36 items

Product Features

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