Release of PVD Coated Carbide Grade MS7025 for Turning Small High-Precision Parts

May 27, 2022

The MS7025 PVD coated carbide grade is suitable for low feed machining of small, high-precision parts. The dense nano-multilayer coating suppresses damage that tends to occur during low feed machining and dramatically improves chip welding and wear resistance.

Recently, the number of users who demand an improvement in machining accuracy is increasing and because of the miniaturization of parts due to the digitalization of automobiles, the machining of workpiece materials where the machining speed and feed cannot be increased is growing. This is especially the case when machining with small automatic lathes where this low feed area is the main target and there is a demand for cutting tools that are capable of stable machining even in low feed applications.

This is why MITSUBISHI MATERIALS has developed the MS7025 PVD coated carbide grade that exhibits high cutting edge stability for turning small, high-precision parts.

Main features of the MS7025 PVD coated carbide grade

1. By controlling the high lubrication layer, which has excellent welding resistance, and the high wear resistance layer, which suppresses the progress of wear at the nano level, the damage to the coating film is significantly suppressed allowing welding and wear resistance to be dramatically improved.

2. The nano-multilayer high lubrication layer suppresses the built-up edge caused by chip welding, which tends to occur in low feed machining, additionally it also suppresses scratches on the finish machined surface.

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Product Features

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