Addition of Wiper Inserts for the WSF406W Series of Face Milling Cutters for Cast Iron Machining with an Adjustable Run-Out System

May 27, 2022

The WSF406W series face of milling cutters with low cutting resistance and an edge run-out adjustment function achieves high-quality machined surfaces and enables increased productivity.

Conventional cast iron cutters with negative rake inserts that have great strength are used to prevent chipping of the cutting edge, however, they display a high level of cutting resistance and are not suited to precision machining. Both productivity and a high-quality machined surface are required in the modern era so the WSF406W series suppresses deformation of the workpiece material due to heat during machining with a low resistance insert that achieves increased levels of accuracy during machining due to the adjustable run-out system.

In order to respond to these needs, MITSUBISHI MATERIALS has decided to add a wiper insert to the range of inserts available that further improves the accuracy of finished surfaces after machining.

Main features of the WSF406W series

1. The proprietary “Double Sided, Z Geometry” insert combines the features of conventional positive and negative inserts to achieve low resistance and sharpness despite being a (double-sided) negative insert.

2. Burrs are suppressed and the accuracy of the finished surface are greatly improved when using the newly developed wiper insert.

Product NameWSF406W Series Face Milling Cutter for Cast Iron Machining with an Adjustable Run-Out System Wiper Insert 1 Item

Product Features

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