Leading drill series – Solid drills for centering and chamfering Addition of a 145°point angle Cobalt HSS drill - GKCD

July 30, 2021

DLE Leading drills are used in composite and automated lathes for centering and chamfering. 2 new diameters of 10mm and 12mm for the point angle 145° has expanded its applications range.

Main features of the GKCD series of cobalt HSS drills

1. Point thinning promotes smooth chip discharge and brings excellent hole position accuracy. In addition, the two-step point angles ensure strength at the centre and prevent sudden fracturing.

2. Large rake angle and sharp cutting edges can minimize the generation of burrs.

3. HSS Cobalt material is used for its excellent heat, wear and chipping resistance and is ideal for use over a wide range of materials, from carbon through to stainless steels. Achieves an excellent cost performance ratio on low feed and speed applications.

Product nameGKCD series of Cobalt HSS solid drills for centering and chamfering
Point Angle SIG 145° DC 10mm, 12mm
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