HSK Integrated Holder Type Added to the ASPX Series of Cutters for Machining Titanium Alloys

October 15, 2021

The ASPX series is an indexable insert milling cutter designed for effective machining of difficult to cut materials such as titanium alloys. The vibration control features and low cutting resistance enables stable, high efficiency cutting.

Titanium alloys are often used for landing gear parts and other structural aircraft components. These large type of aircraft parts means the amount of metal that needs to be removed when machining is also large, so there is an increasing demand for high efficiency, multi-tasking cutters.

Main features of the HSK integrated holder for the ASPX series:

1. Maximum depth of cut is increased by utilising the highly rigid HSK system.

2. Regenerative chatter is suppressed by optimizing the geometrical position of each insert pocket.

3. By controlling the coolant and applying it to the rake face of the cutting edge, the most efficient chip discharge is possible.

4. The insert has a large rake angle and edge honing that provides the low cutting resistance and excellent fracture resistance that are essential for efficient machining of titanium alloys.

5. Uses MP9140 as the insert grade. The tough cemented carbide base material provides excellent fracture resistance and the coating provides extra resistance to chip welding.

Product nameHSK integrated holder type for the ASPX series for machining titanium alloys
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