Addition of VFRPSRB to the IMPACT MIRACLE End Mill Series for Machining Hardened Steels

October 15, 2021

The IMPACT MIRACLE end mill series has been well received and highly evaluated by many customers for achieving excellent wear resistance when machining hardened steels.

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS will add the VFRPSRB, a 4 flute, high precision corner radius end mill, of which there will be 97 different diameters and corner radii types.

Main Features of the VFRPSRB end mills

Achieves excellent wear resistance and enables efficient and reliable machining of hardened steels by combining the newly developed (Al, Cr, Si) N coating; with improved lubricity and excellent oxidization resistance, together with the already proven (Al, Ti, Si) N coating that features excellent adhesion to the substrate and as well as high wear resistance.

1. Enables high precision machining due to the seamless grinding of the corner radius and outer flutes. In addition there is a small wiper geometry on the top edge as well as a strong back taper geometry of the flutes.

2. Achieves high precision and accuracy by basing the radius geometry on the absolute centre of the corner radius.

Product nameIMPACT MIRACLE end mill series for machining hardened steels
VFRPSRB 4 flute, high precision corner radius end mill 97 items

Product Features

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