Solid carbide drills for centering and chamfering Added the point angle of Leading drill series DLE

February 6, 2020

Solid carbide drills "Leading drill series" DLE compatible to use with composite NC lathes and small automated lathes for centering and chamfering.
60°, 120°, and 145° point angle added to expand the usage.

The main features of the solid carbide drill "Leading drill series" DLE for centering and chamfering are as follows:

1.Chip ejection spaces at the center improve chamfering and provide good hole quality.

2.Good chamfer ability and sharp cutting edge geometry are ideal for machining in CNC automatic lathes with small power due to low cutting resistance/cutting force.

3.The two-stage point angle of 60° and 90° ensures the strength of the center to prevent sudden fracture.

4.Point angle 60° and 120° correspond to chamfering corners other than 90° point angle, making them ideal for shaft parts, hydraulic parts, and industrial equipment parts.

5.Point angle 145° by the drill of less than the point angle 143 ° of the post-process bites from the center, the drill shoulder portion is not contacted machining class is improved.

Product name Solid carbide drills "Leading Drill Series" DLE for centering and chamfering.
Point angle 60° 8 items, point angle 120° 8 items, point angle 145° 6 items

Product Features

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