SMART MIRACLE End Mill Series Expansion: VQ4WB A Multi-functional Lollipop End Mill for Difficult-to-Cut Materials

November 11, 2020

The SMART MIRACLE end mill series are highly valued by many customers for the improvement of machining efficiency and the longer tool life when machining titanium and heat-resistant alloys. This is achieved by adopting an (Al,Cr)N based coating, which greatly improves wear and cutting resistance as well as providing better chip evacuation.

Due to the popularity of 5 axis and multi-functional machines, there has been a growing demand for highly efficient machining and process integration with specialized and multi-functional tools. To meet the demand, Mitsubishi Materials has added VQ4WB a multi-functional lollipop end mill for difficult-to-cut materials to expand the series.

Main feature of VQ4WB:

1. True round ball cutting edge over the full 280Âș achieves stable cutting even during undercut machining.

2. The original (Al,Cr)N based coating improves adhesion and wear resistance and provides a longer tool life over a wide range of work materials, from carbon steels through to difficult-to-cut materials.

3. A range of dedicated diameter sizes for deburring of back hole faces are available
- (DC = 1.3, 1.8, 2.8, 3.8 and 4.8 mm)

4. 4 flutes greatly improve feed rates and efficiency compared to conventional 2 flute lollipop end mills.

Product nameVQ4WB Multi-functional Lollipop End Mill for Difficult-to-Cut Materials
DC 1mm - 6mm 11 Items

Product Features

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