Shank type cutters added to the WWX400 milling cutter series

February 3, 2021

WWX400 is a high performance shoulder milling cutter that achieves excellent finish machined surfaces. This is achieved by the inserts adopting a large radius wiper style geometry and by utilizing an original X geometry that was developed for overall strength. Additionally, extra economy and efficiency is attained due to the double-sided, 6 corner inserts. To complement the existing series of WWX400 and to expand the range of applications, sales of eight shank type cutters has started. 

The main features of the WWX400 series

1. The 3 corner double sided insert means 6 cutting edges are available.

2. Insert includes a large radius wiper geometry that achieves excellent surface finishes.

3. Curved cutting edge geometry controls chip discharge.

4. Maximum insert thickness of 9mm provides excellent fracture resistance and enables stable,direct clamping to the cutter body.

5. The curved geometry of the insert and seating surface of the cutter body ensures sufficient clearance between insert and the cutter body, thus preventing damage to the cutter body if the insert is damaged during cutting.

6. Increased insert thickness permits shim-less seating, therefore providing more space on the cutter body to allow for extra insert pockets (fine pitch types) to be designed.

7. 8 different insert grades available to suit a wide range of materials and applications.

Product nameWWX400
Shank type - 8 Items

Product Features

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