ISO turning inserts MP9000/MT9000 series for difficult-to-cut materials Addition of the RCMT round type positive insert

June 5, 2020

The MP9000/MT9000 insert series is ideal for difficult-to-cut material applications such as machining of titanium and heat-resistant alloys as well as corrosion-resistant alloy components used in the aerospace and medical equipment industries.

Improved fracture and welding resistance reduces edge breakage and prevents the problems usually associated with machining difficult-to-cut materials. The addition of the RCMT round insert RCMT further expands the areas of application for the series.

Main features of the MP9000/MT9000 series for difficult-to-cut materials

1. The high Al-rich (Al,Ti)N single layer coating provides stabilization of the high hardness phase and succeeds in dramatically improving wear, crater and welding resistance.

2. MP9005 is a top-quality grade focusing on wear resistance.

3. MP9015 is the first recommendation for general applications.

4. MP9025 prevents severe damage for increased stability.

5. The MT9000 series is a range of un-coated cemented carbide grades such as MT9005, with unmatched resistance to heat and plastic deformation that can handle high-speed cutting. Additionally, the range includes MT9015 featuring a sharp cutting edge but with excellent wear and fracture resistance.

6. RCMT round type geometry with a strong cutting edge that provides excellent finished surfaces.

Product nameMP9000/MT9000 series RCMT round type ISO turning insert for difficult-to-cut materials
Added ItemsMP9005 5 Items
MP9015 5 items
MP9025 5 items
MT9005 5 items
MT9015 5 items

Product Features

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