DLE drill series - Solid carbide drills for centering and chamfering Addition of small diameter sizes

June 5, 2020

DLE solid carbide drills are ideal for centering and chamfering applications on NC and small automated lathes. A new range of small diameters ranging from Ø1.0 to Ø2.5 mm or less with a point angle of 90° have been added to expand the application range.

The main features of the DLE solid carbide drills for centering and chamfering

1. Point thinned geometry improves penetration and provides an accurate, high quality centre hole.

2. A two-step point angle ensure strength at the centre and prevents sudden fracturing.

3. Large rake angle and sharp cutting edges minimizes the generation of burrs.

4. The PVD coated carbide grade DP102A has excellent lubricity and heat resistance, as well as exhibiting outstanding wear resistance particularly at medium to low cutting speeds.

5. Long neck length allows long reach chamfering applications.

Product nameDLE small diameter, solid carbide drills for centering and chamfering
Point angle 90° drill diameters 1mm to 2.5mm - 4 items

Product Features

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