AXD series – New AXD4000A Cutter for Aluminium Alloy Machining

June 5, 2020

The AXD is a multi-functional cutter for high-speed machining, enabled by securely fixing the inserts to the tool body with two screws. The inserts have a unique helical cutting edge geometry and together with advanced insert polishing technology provides the features needed for high efficiency machining.
The AXD4000A cutter is a new addition to the range that can be used up to a maximum allowable spindle speed of 34,000min -1 (*1). This new type has been designed to accommodate the modern higher-speed output of the latest machine tools, and realizes the ultimate in efficiency when machining aluminium alloys.

Main features of the new AXD4000A

1.Increased rigidity of the tool body to cope with extra cutting loads and centrifugal forces.

2.High metal removal rate of M.R.R.10,000㎤ /min (*2) realized with the optimal chip pocket geometry.

3.Secure fixing of the tool body with two screws provides safe, secure clamping of the insert when rotating at high speeds.

4.New inserts with sharp edge geometry enables low cutting resistance and reduces cutting forces as well as providing excellent fracture resistance.

Supplementary explanation
(*1) For use up to the maximum allowable spindle speed 34,000min-1, the balance class must be G6.3 or higher (ISO1940: balanced) when integrated with the arbor.
(*2) Metal removal rate M.R. R 10,000㎤ /min (300km/h) = Revolution 33,000min -1 × cutting diameter Φ50mm

Product nameAXD4000A
Cutting diameter 50mm - insert corner R0.4 to R3.2 - 1 item
Cutting diameter 50mm - insert corner R4.0 to R5 - 1 item

Product Features

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