New solid carbide drills DSA-Series for heat-resistant alloy machining

October 17, 2019

The new solid carbide DSA drills for heat-resistant alloy machining achieve long tool life and excellent hole quality. They are especially effective at reducing the cutting heat that is usually generated during machining and thereby reduces the effect of work hardening.

96 different sizes of the internal coolant type DSAS and the external coolant type DSAE, in diameters ranging from 3mm to 12mm will be available.

Main features of the DSA series

The DSAS internal coolant type with diameters of 5mm or more use their own special type of through coolant hole geometry for increased coolant flow; without lowering the rigidity of the drill, thereby improving the lubricating properties and the ability to cool the cutting edge.

Designed with features such as a robust linear cutting edge geometry that includes a special edge honing, enables DSA drills to suppress cutting edge wear as well produce manageable chips that are easily ejected during machining.

The drills have a narrow margin designed especially for heat resistant alloy machining and helps to minimise the contact with the hole wall surface, this lowers heat generation and reduces work hardening.

Wear resistance is improved by adopting a new physical vapor deposition (PVD) coated carbide grade DP9020. This new grade has increased hardness properties whilst also maintaining toughness.

Item Name Solid carbide drill DSA-Series for heat resistant alloy machining
Internal coolant type DSAS 64 Items
External coolant type DSAE 32 Items

Product Features

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