New MH515 CVD Coated Carbide Turning Insert for Turbocharger Machining

April 11, 2019

The MH515 series is a CVD coated carbide grade developed specially for machining of turbocharger housings made from heat resistance cast steels and ductile cast irons.

When machining heat resistance cast steel, high cutting heat is generated and plastic deformation of the cutting edge can occur easily. By improving the adhesion properties of the coating to the base material, plastic deformation of the cutting edge can be prevented and tool life increased. The optimised coating technology used in MH515 reduces wear and therefore provides greater precision across the life of the insert.

There are 25 items available that include both negative and positive inserts.

Features of MH515

1. The optimized coating technology reduces plastic deformation of the cutting edge and therefore provides more accurate machining. Tool life is increased by improving the adhesion of the coating to the base material.

2. The special multilayer using proprietary crystal control technology achieves excellent wear and chipping resistance.

3. By improving adhesion between the Al2O3 and TiCN coating layers, the MH515 grade benefits from a tougher cutting edge.

Product name MH515, CVD coated carbide turning insert for machining turbocharger housings.
Number of items ISO negative inserts; 23 items
ISO positive inserts; 2 items

Product Features

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