Size Expansion – New Shank Sizes Added to the MFE Solid Carbide Flat Bottom Drills for Counter Boring

October 11, 2018

The MFE drill is designed to provide flat bottom holes and achieves high efficiency drilling over various applications such as machining angled and spherical surfaces. It is also ideal for thin plate machining and due to its excellent chipping resistance it can reduce overall machining times.

To complement the existing drills, a 7 mm shank diameter type has been added. This is suitable for ER collets and the ER11 type typically used on small automatic lathes.

Features of the MFE drill

1. The new point thinning geometry ensures the sufficient space for evacuating chips as well as offering low thrust.

2. The combination of different radii in the cutting edge geometry provides strength and excellent chip control.

3. A gashed land (0 degree rake) provides excellent chipping resistance.

4. Smooth edge surfaces provide reduced deflection and excellent positional accuracy.

Product name MFE drills, solid carbide flat bottom type for counter boring
Number of items Shank diameter 7 mm. Diametersφ6.1 to φ7.0 ; 10 items

Product Features

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