Series Expansion - New Items Added to the MP9000/MT9000 Insert Series for Turning Difficult-to-cut Materials

August 27, 2018

The MP9000/MT9000 series is ideal for turning difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, heat resistant and corrosion resistant alloys that are typically used in the aircraft and medical industries. The MP9000/MT9000 series has gained a good reputation from customers by providing superior wear, fracture and welding resistance that enables longer tool life.

To expand the application options available, new items have been added to the range of positive inserts. The new items are the LS and MS chipbreaker type.

Features of the LS and MS breaker

1. The LS breaker for light cutting prevents chip welding of the insert to ensure good surface finishes.

2. The MS breaker reduces vibration and helps to prevent chip jamming. In addition the wide chip pocket also prevents an increase in cutting resistance at higher depths of cut.

Product name LS breaker, MS breaker
Number of items LS breaker; 15 items, MS breaker; 71 items

Product Features

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