Series Expansion – Heads with a Curved Top Flute Edge for the iMX Exchangeable Head End Mill Series

August 27, 2018

Overall the iMX series has received a favourable reception in the market place as a revolutionary end mill system that provides excellent economy and enables efficiency, high accuracy and rigidity by combining the advantages of both solid carbide and indexable end mills. Overall rigidity close to that of solid type end mills is realised because the clamping faces of the holder and head are both manufactured from carbide. The iMX end mill series has been further expanded to include heads with a curved edge geometry at the top of the flute in the square and corner radius types of the iMX series to allow a wider range of applications.

Features of the curved edge geometry

・ The curved edge geometry at the top of the flute (R edge) is applied to reduce cusp height between overlapping tool passes during deep shoulder milling.

Product name Items with a curved edge geometry
Number of expanded items End mill φ12.0 mm –φ25.0 mm; 39 items

Product Features

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