New MB4120 CBN Grade for Sintered Alloy and Cast Iron Turning

July 20, 2018

MB4120, is the optimum CBN grade choice for continuous cutting and interrupted machining when turning automotive components. Parts such as valve and oil pump components that are composed of sintered alloy can be effectively machined using the MB4120 series. This series is now available and includes both negative and positive inserts.

Features of the MB4120

1. Fine CBN particles increase cutting edge toughness and the high fracture resistance allows stable performance even during interrupted machining.

2. The optimization of the sintering conditions strengthens adhesion between the fine CBN particles. This increases both fracture and wear resistance.

3. A wide range of edge honing types are available, including a sharp edge type, a round honing style and three different types of chamfer honing.

Product name MB4120 - CBN grade for sintered alloy and cast iron
Number of items Negative insert; 90 items
Positive insert; 100 items

Product Features

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