Size Expansion - CVD Diamond Coated End Mill Series for Graphite DF End Mill Series

August 3, 2017

The DF end mill series has received a favorable reception in the market as a tool that ensures long tool life and high reliability.

Features of the DF end mill series

1. Adoption of a diamond coating with high crystalline content optimised for excellent wear resistance and achieves a long, stable tool life when machining graphite.

2. A smooth surface finish is achieved through the adoption of a seamless blend between the radius and peripheral cutting edges.

3. DF end mill series is suitable for a wide range of materials such as graphite, copper alloy, CFRP and machineable ceramics.

Product name DF2XLB - 2 flute ball nose end mills with long neck
Number of items Diameter φ0.2 mm – φ6.0 mm 2 items added (54 items in total)

Product Features

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