Series Expansion - VAPDJ HSS Straight Shank Drills

August 3, 2017

The existing Violet high precision drill series has received a favorable reception in the market place as a drill that can produce highly accurate holes. The new VAPDJ achieves long tool life, consistent hole accuracy and a stable drilling performance by utilising the highly rigid geometry balanced with superior chip discharging.

Features of VAPDJ drills

1. Special flute geometry balances high rigidity with superior chip discharging by optimising the core dia. with highly rigid cross-section and by utilising the back-taper geometry.

2. Chip discharging is further improved with polished flutes. This enables VAPDJ drills to achieve stable deep hole drilling (10xD) with a non-peck (continuous feed) cycle.

3. The Violet coating helps to achieve 2-3 times longer tool life compared to products with conventional TiN coating.

Product name VAPDJ, HSS straight shank drills, Violet High Precision Drill Series
Number of items Diametersφ1.0 to φ10.0 ; 66 items

Product Features

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