Series Expansion - New Items Added to the WSX445 Series. A Low Cutting Resistance, Double Sided Insert Face Mill for General Machining

November 3, 2017

The innovative WSX cutter provides excellent economy due to the double sided insert (4-corner inserts). These inserts also achieve low cutting resistance when machining by utilizing features of both conventional positive and negative rake inserts.

To allow a wider range of applications, two sizes of large diameter cutters, φ250mm andφ315mm, and an L type breaker insert for the left handed cutters have been added to the series.

Features of the items added to the WSX445 series

1. Large diameter cutter is suitable for high efficiency machining of larger surfaces and components.

2. φ250mm diameter left hand cutter is available, especially suited for double-spindle milling machines.

3. The L type breaker inserts; now available for left hand cutters, feature a sharp cutting edge with low cutting resistance. This is suitable for machining difficult-to-cut materials and for use on machines with lower rigidity.

Product name Additional items for the WSX445
Number of items Cutter body Arbor type φ250mm,φ315mm; 4 items
L breaker insert for left hand cutters; 5 items

Product Features

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