Series Expansion - New ISO Insert Series for Cast Iron Turning

May 15, 2017

Cast iron with superior durability and vibration absorption properties are used for various components such as automotive, agricultural and transportation machinery parts. An improvement of productivity when machining these parts is essential.

CVD coated carbide grades especially have required further improvements in wear and fracture resistance during high speed cutting.
To satisfy this demand, the CVD coated carbide grades for cast iron turning, "MC5005" and "MC5015" were released in November 2013 and have received a favorable reception as a tool that realizes high speed and high efficiency when machining cast iron.

179 new inserts for turning of cast iron have been added that include a range of larger sized inserts and a wiper type insert to allow wider range of applications.

Features of MC5005 and MC5015

1.MC5005 and MC5015 achieve superior wear resistance when turning cast iron due to the CVD nano-coated layer with high strength. This layer is formed using the synergistic effects between "Nano-texture coating technology" and "TOUGH-GRIP Technology".

2.The CVD coated carbide grade MC5005 adopts an Al2O3 super thick layer, which is the thickest in the world, so it can provide higher wear resistance than ceramics during continuous machining of gray cast iron at a cutting speed of 600m/min.

3.The CVD coated carbide grade MC5015 is not only a general purpose grade with an optimum balance of sharpness and wear resistance, but it is also a tough grade that can provide excellent fracture resistance during interrupted machining of high hardness ductile cast iron FCD700.

4.Inserts without a clamping hole are also available for high speed cutting and have been added with the breakers suitable for cast iron turning; LK breaker (light cutting), MK breaker (medium cutting), and RK breaker (rough cutting).

  • (Terminology) (1) Nano-Texture Coating Technology
  • Nano-Texture Coating Technology is the technology that
  • controls the particle size of the coating at level much more
  • minute than conventional sizes. This improves the strength
  • of the CVD coated layer and leads to excellent wear and
  • fracture resistance.
  • (2) TOUGH-GRIP Technology
  • Tough-GRIP Technology is the technology that greatly
  • enhances the interlayer adhesion of the CVD coated layers.
  • This maintains the interface structure of coating at a nano
  • level and prevents delamination.

Additional standard items

Product nameInsert Series for Turning of Cast Iron
Number of items179 items

Product Features

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