Series Expansion – New Honing Type Added to MB4020 CBN Grade for Sintered Alloy and Cast Iron Turning

May 11, 2017

MB4020, a CBN grade for sintered alloy and cast iron turning is the optimum choice for finish machining when turning automotive components, such as a valve and oil pump components that are composed of sintered alloy.
MB4020 series has now been further expanded to include 2 new types of honing, the SF as a sharp edge type and the SE as a round edge type.

Features of SF honing (sharp edge) and SE honing (round)

1. SF sharp edge honing inserts prevent burr generation because its sharp cutting edge reduces cutting resistance and as a result provides better surface finishes and high machining accuracy.

2. SE round honing inserts are suitable for use in unstable applications such as interrupted machining.

Product name MB4020 - CBN grade for sintered alloy and cast iron
Number of items SF honing (sharp edge type) 37 items
SE honing (round edge type) 42 items

Product Features

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