Series Expansion – New Chip Breakers Added to MVX Indexable Insert Drill Series

May 16, 2017

The existing MVX drill provides excellent economy due to the 4-corner insert design and achieves a high cutting performance as well as long tool life. This is due to the optimum positioning of the outer and inner inserts on the drill body.
MVX has also received a favourable reception in the market place for deep hole drilling due to the availability of an L/D=6 version with the same high rigidity body as the standard length version.
The new UH breaker, a strong cutting edge type with high fracture resistance provides longer tool life when drilling steels, high hardened steels and cast iron. Additionally the new UN breaker for aluminium alloys has been added to the range.

Features of the UH breaker and UN breaker

1.The new UH breaker, a strong cutting edge type for the inner insert position provides enhanced edge strength due to the negative geometry and wide land width. The PVD coated carbide grade DP8020 gives additional toughness and improved fracture resistance and is ideal for drilling of steels, hardened steels less than 45 HRC and cast iron.

2.The new UN breaker for aluminium alloy machining delivers substantially better welding resistance due to a sharp ground cutting edge and a polished rake face.

Product name Insert for MVX indexable insert drill series
Number of items Strong cutting edge type UH breaker; 8 items
For aluminium alloy drilling UN breaker; 8 items

Product Features

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