Series Expansion - MS plus Carbide End Mill Series

May 17, 2017

MS plus end mills are regarded as tools with a stable tool life when machining a broad range of workpiece materials up to 50HRC that are commonly used in the mould and die industry. Now the MS plus end mill series has been further expanded to include a new type, MPXLRB, a corner radius end mill with a long neck.

Features of MPXLRB type

1.MS+ coating is used because it displays excellent wear resistance over a broad range of workpiece materials from carbon steel through to hardened steels up to 50HRC.

2.A highly accurate and smooth surface finish is achieved through the adoption of both a seamless blend between the radius and peripheral cutting edges together with a high accuracy R of ±0.005 mm.

3.4-flute types are used for diameters larger thanφ0.4 mm and for diameters larger thanφ1.0 mm anti-vibration flute geometry is adopted.

Product name MS plus solid carbide end mill series
Number of items MPXLRB diameter 0.2 mm - 6 mm; 101 items

Product Features

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