Series Expansion – Insert Grades Add to BC8100 Series for High Hardened Steel Turning

May 12, 2017

BC8100 series delivers substantially better wear resistance and high cutting edge toughness by adopting a newly developed coating and CBN substrate. It achieves high efficiency during general use and provides extended tool life that requires fewer tool changes. Additionally BC8100 series is especially effective for interrupted machining of high hardened steels that are typically used for automotive parts.

The introduction of BC8105 for improved surface finishes and BC8130 for superior fracture resistance compliments the existing BC8100 series. These additions mean the BC8100 series range is perfectly suited for use over a wide range of applications.

Features of the new coated CBN grades, BC8105 and BC8130

1. BC8105 for finishing obtains a surface roughness of Ra 0.6μm, Rz 2.4μm or better through the adoption of a customized, newly developed special ceramic coating that improves lubricity and wear resistance.

2. BC8130 for heavy interrupted cutting prevents peeling of the coating caused by impact forces and improves fracture resistance through the adoption of a customized, newly developed special ceramic coating.

  • 3. A newly TH type honing is applied to the cutting edge of BC8130 for heavy interrupted cutting.

Product name / Number of items :
Coated CBN grade for high hardened steel turning
- BC8105 / 118 items
- BC8130 / 160 items

Product Features

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