New VQ-CoolStar Series Vibration Control End Mills with Multiple Internal through Coolant Holes for Machining Difficult-to-cut Materials

November 2, 2017

Smart Miracle coating has an excellent reputation as a coating that enables high efficiency machining of a stainless steels, titanium alloys and other similar materials used for aerospace components. To offer the optimum cooling effect when milling such materials, the VQ-CoolStar series has multiple internal through coolant holes. There are 2 types available, the VQ6MHVCH square corner and the VQ6MHVRBCH corner radius type.

Features of the VQ-CoolStar series

1. The spiral arrangement of the coolant holes enables stable chip control and offers optimum cooling effect.

2. Chip discharge performance is substantially improved by the (Al,Cr)N Smart Miracle coating and the unique ZERO-μ surface, a smoothening treatment technology.

3. The combination of optimum coolant holes and the Smart Miracle coating achieves long tool life and high efficient machining, and is especially suitable for machining difficult-to-cut materials whilst simultaneously offering stability and reliability.

Product name VQ6MHVCH - 6 flute Smart Miracle vibration control, square corner end mill with multiple internal through coolant holes.
VQ6MHVRBCH - 6 flute Smart Miracle vibration control, corner radius end mill with multiple internal through coolant holes.
Number of items End mills from φ10.0 mm ~ φ20.0 mm
VQ6MHVCH 4 items
VQ6MHVRBCH 10 items

Product Features

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