New PVD Coated Carbide Grade MS6015 for Turning Carbon Steel

May 15, 2017

The new MS6015 PVD coated carbide grade ensures smooth surface finishes and excellent dimensional accuracy when turning carbon and free cutting steels on small automatic lathes. The combination of the special cemented carbide substrate and new PVD coating provides this ability to give excellent surfaces.

Additionally, to ensure suitability for small parts applications, the inserts have been designed with a minus tolerance on the corner radius.

Features of the MS6015

1. The accumulated Ti-CN based coating delivers excellent wear resistance at medium to low cutting speeds of 50~150 m/min that are typically used for machining small parts manufactured from carbon steel. Additionally, by optimising the accumulated coating structure, adhesion of the coating layer to the substrate is improved.

2. MS6015 delivers excellent welding resistance compared to conventional grades for carbon steel and achieves good surface finishes along with dimensional consistency.

3. 3 breakers for small automatic lathe machining will be available as standard inventory to cover a wide range of workpiece materials and applications.

Product name
PVD coated carbide grade for turning carbon steel – MS6015
Number of items 7°positive insert 32 items

Product Features

TOOLS NEWS B210B-F (16pages)(1.10 MB)

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