C4LATB – New Carbide Taper Neck Ball Nose End Mill for Aluminium Impeller Machining

May 17, 2017

Impellers used in automobile water pumps have complex shapes and are usually made from aluminium alloy for weight saving purposes. The complex shape of impellers can cause chip jamming and breakage of the tool during machining and can be one of the problems that prevents high-efficiency.
To help solve this problem, the C4LATB carbide taper neck ball nose end mill with high rigidity for improved fracture resistance has been released.

Features of the C4LATB

1.Two flutes of the four are centre cutting and enables smooth chip discharge. The overall four flute design realises high rigidity.

2.C4LATB can achieve high efficiency machining parameters such as high depths of cut and high feed rates when compared to conventional products.

3.C4LATB can also be available as a made to order item. (Special geometry, coatings etc for different applications.)

Product name C4LATB – Carbide taper neck ball nose end mill for aluminium impeller machining
Number of items 0.5R~2.0R / 4 items

Product Features

TOOLS NEWS B248B (4pages)(1.01 MB)

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