New Ceramic End Mill, Ceramic Radius End Mill

May 27, 2016

Ni based difficult-to-cut heat resistant alloys such as Inconel 718 soften at temperatures exceeding 800℃. At these temperatures, difficult-to-cut materials become easier to machine because their bearing and tensile strengths are lowered. Ceramic end mills can work effectively at these high temperatures and self generate the heat required to soften the machined material through ultra-high feeds and speeds.

Features of "Ceramic corner radius end mill "

1. Due to the employment of a ceramic substrate material capable of enduring the high temperatures, high efficiency machining can be achieved because the surface of Ni based heat-resistant alloys softens and therefore becomes more machinable in a high temperature zone.

2. An original, special negative edge flute design and a negative edge corner radius is able to endure high temperature and loads.

3. Cutting efficiency is multiplied 10 times when compared to carbide end mills during high-speed machining.

Additional standard items

Product name Ceramic corner radius end mill
Number of items 4 flute ceramic corner radius end mill, CE4SRB, 4 items
6 flute ceramic corner radius end mill, CE6SRB, 4 items

Product Features

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