Series Expansion - New Insert Grade Added to the AHX640 Series General Purpose Multi Corner Insert Type Face Milling Cutter

June 18, 2015

The existing AHX640 series has received a favorable reception in the market place as a face milling cutter with its excellent economy and efficiency through the adoption of the heptagonal double sides insert (14 corner inserts). To complement the existing range, 2 new PVD coated carbide insert grades, VP15TF and VP20RT for milling cast iron have been added with MK and HK chipbreakers.

Features of the PVD coated carbide grade VP15TF/VP20RT

1. VP15TF/VP20RT helps prevent chipping and fracturing when used in low cutting speed, interrupted machining and when wet cutting cast and ductile cast irons.

2. Stable machining is enhanced when the coating is combined with a high wear and fracture resistant carbide substrate.

3. Due to the excellent heat resistance and oxidation resistance, the VP15TF and VP20RT grades realize stable machining. Moreover, high adhesion strength to the substrate improves tool life.

Additional standard items

Product name Insert for the AHX640 series
Number of items
MK breaker/HK breaker (VP15TF/VP20RT) 4 items

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