WSX445 - New Low Cutting Resistance, Double Sided Insert Face Mill for General Machining

January 27, 2015

The innovative WSX cutter provides excellent economy due to the double sided insert (4-corner inserts) and achieves low cutting resistance by utilizing features of both conventional positive and negative rake inserts.

Features of the WSX series

1. Mitsubishi Materials' proprietary Double sided, Z Geometry insert features a sharp cutting edge with low cutting resistance that helps to control vibration.

2. Chips are discharged outwardly because of the negative/positive edge design. This helps prevent chip jamming and damage to the coolant holes.

3. The unique conical insert seat and Anti Fly mechanism (AFI) holds the inserts securely. The outer edge of the insert is not in contact with the body, thereby preventing damage if sudden fracturing occurs.

Additional standard items

Product name WSX445 – Low cutting resistance, double sided insert face mill for general machining
Number of items Cutter body; 50 items, Insert; 22 items

Product Features

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